Book Signing: Photographs Not Taken @ICP

Photographs Not Taken, a book conceived and edited by Will Steacy with an introduction by Lyle Rexer, was recently published by Daylight. ‘The Photographs Not Taken is a collection of essays by photographers about the times they didn’t use their camera’ – stated Will Steacy. The book includes 62 stories from photographers about great images that they saw but, for one reason or another, didn’t photograph.

Photographs Not Taken features essays contributed by photographers: Dave Anderson, Timothy Archibald, Roger Ballen, Thomas Bangsted, Juliana Beasley, Nina Berman, Elinor Carucci, Kelli Connell, Paul D’Amato, TIm Davis, KayLynn Deveney, Doug Dubois, Rian Dundon, Amy Elkins, Jim Goldberg, Emmet Gowin, Gregory Halpern, TIm Hetherington, Todd Hido, Rob Hornstra, Eirik Johnson, Chris Jordan, Nadav Kander, Ed Kashi, Misty Keasler, Lisa Kereszi, Erika Larsen, Shane Lavalette, Deana Lawson, Joshua Lutz, David Maisel, Mary Ellen Mark, Laura McPhee, Michael Meads, Andrew Moore, Richard Mosse, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Laurel Nakadate, Ed Panar, Christian Patterson, Andrew Phelps, Sylvia Plachy, Mark Power, Peter Riesett, Simon Roberts, Joseph Rodriguez, Stefan Ruiz, Matt Salacuse, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Aaron Schumann, Jamel Shabazz, Alec Soth, Amy Stein, Mark Steinmetz, Joni Sternbach, Hank Willis Thomas, Brian Ulrich, Peter Van Agtmael, Massimo Vitali, Hiroshi Watanabe, Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb.

Tonight March 23, 2012 the ICP store hosted a signing of the book Photographs Not Taken. Thanks to Will Steacy, Lyle Rexer, Thomas Bangsted, Juliana Beasley, Lisa Kereszi, Peter Riesett, and Peter Van Agtmael for signing my copy.

Photographs Not Taken can be purchased here (find some audio excerpts from the book too!)

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